The traditional forms of acquiring new applicants via direct mail, billboards, paid advertising, prints ads are no longer the only solutions for many K-12 private schools. In this new digital age, online solutions and emerging technologies are now critical components to increasing enrollment.

Potential applicants and their families are doing much more of their research before they even reach out to your school. If your school isn’t providing educational and engaging marketing content about your classes, references from other parents, and ways to communicate and engage with your admissions office before they’re ready to apply, another competitive school in your area that is will most likely acquire that applicant.

But don’t worry. Morebots has a solution.

Scannable Marketing Collateral

Using scannable marketing collateral at your private school is about creating content that is going to be accessible by your target parents and/or students using their smart phones and tablets. This additional engaging content comes to life when scanned. Your printed school showcase book is no longer flat and static. Our scannable collateral expands from the page to your potential applicants smart device making it easier for them to really explore and hear from you virtually.

For example, Trinity Lutheran Christian School created a Virtual School Tour Book loaded with scannable pages that expand into additional information and video messages from the principal, teachers and even students when scanned. The virtual tour book also has 360 virtual views of the school's campus. Most frequently asked questions are addressed, but adding the Morebots layer gives potential applicants quick access to even MORE with a simple scan.

Please call us at 503.766.4788 or contact us to schedule a demo.

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